After months of development and multiple prototypes, MS Aerospace is introducing a new and revolutionary parts handling system. Consisting of an integrated rolling cart and stationary benches, the system was developed in-house, and specifically designed to eliminate the nicks and dings commonly associated with the movement of parts in pans or even egg trays.

The system begins with a rolling cart that eliminates bulk containers or pans where parts are nestled against each other resulting in nicks and dings. Next in the design is an aluminum tray with drilled holes. This approach insures that no two parts will ever be in contact with each other as they move from operation to operation. To accommodate the variety of part sizes manufactured at MSA there are 7 interchangeable trays. The additional step of color coding trays by size makes the MSA parts cart truly versatile.

Upon close inspection one will find that the drilled trays include the number of holes on a legend located on the side. This will allow for the rapid counting of parts. Other benefits include clips for job cards and attached calculators for counting.

The second part of this integrated system is two stationary benches for each machine, one for “not finished” parts, and a second one for finished parts. This integrated system was months in the making and included more than 10 prototypes.

Designed at MSA the construction has been subcontracted and the first order of 50 carts and bench sets will be received in January. The system was designed to accommodate the majority of the parts produced at MSA. Its expected that the full roll out of enough carts and benches to cover the entire factory floor will take 12 months.