At the start of the second half of 2011 there are many developments and opportunities that MSA is currently pursuing. The Sales and Marketing teams are developing a combined strategy to target these potential opportunities. The complete service MSA offers is second to none.

As many other small business manufacturers have been acquired in recent years by larger corporations, MSA is one of the few remaining small business hardware manufacturer options available. This is an advantage for MSA.

Being classified as a “small business” presents additional opportunities our larger competitors are not eligible to receive. This small business designation positions MSA in a unique spot due to its capabilities.

MSA may be classified as a small business, but MSA is a state of the art hardware manufacturer that specializes in very difficult parts which reside in the harshest environments. The small business classification and MSA’s ability to manufacture these types of parts gives MSA a very important advantage in the aerospace market moving forward.

With the aerospace industry uptrend that MSA believes to be on the horizon, MSA’s Sales and Marketing teams will be in the competitive marketplace marketing the MSA brand and all that is behind the MS Aerospace name.