Like any business MS Aerospace sells its products to customers. MS Aerospace has been successful in finding products that its customers demand. This makes it a little easier to make the sales necessary to sustain its business.

But do customers purchase our products just because we make them? All customers would state that just because MS Aerospace makes parts, it is not the most important reason MS Aerospace is selected for the purchase.

All customers agree there are three essential components to the purchase decision concerning MS Aerospace parts. These three reasons are: Quality, Price and Delivery. Delivery has a sub-category which would include Customer Service and Responsive Communication.

The quality of our parts is reputed to be the best in the industry. This reputation we have with our existing customers is critical to our continuing success. In the aerospace business, less than excellent quality will surely damage business.

Price of our parts is critical, and complicated. One of the elements in pricing is the risk in manufacturing parts. For example, if the material is difficult, or the experience with making the parts has been a struggle, then pricing will be impacted. However, the bottom line is that if we cannot price our parts in line with our competition, then it will be difficult to make a sale.

Delivery is a key component. Our customers want and need to rely on our promise to make a delivery when we say we will. Our customers have their own customers, and they are making promises to their customers about delivery. If we let them down, then they will have problems with their customers.

MS Aerospace continually works to perfect the components that make it a world class manufacturer. Among these components are Quality, Price and Delivery.