Voluntary training at MSA continues at a great pace. One of the recent courses offered on a voluntary basis has been Blueprint Reading. Not only has MSA offered this course in English, but also in Spanish for those employees that are more comfortable learning in the Spanish language. As a matter of fact, MSA recently certified its first class of Blueprint Readers from the Spanish class. MSA salutes these certified employees, and congratulates them for their desire to improve their skills in the workplace. Not only will these employees benefit from the new skills learned, but MSA also benefits from their knowledge with improved capacity and quality.

In the past, MSA has also offered English as a Second Language courses with great success. MSA is very proud of the employees that have chosen to improve their knowledge and skill in the English language. Once again, by improving these skills, our MSA employees are helping themselves and MSA as well.

Our training programs are continuing to be planned, and we hope to be offering similar programs on a voluntary basis to employees in the future.