As a part of our ongoing continuous improvement, MS Aerospace is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new CNC Controlled Cincinnati Centerless Grinder (RSS Grinder), which has been installed in the Grind Department.

The RSS Grinder has different features such as: auto loader system, a diamond dressing-system, and an acoustic system for dressing.

Some of the benefits in processing parts are the ability to run multiple operations at once and the auto feed system. The Acoustic System can be set on the desired interval based on the tolerance conditions established by our customer requirements, and the auto shut-off is a feature if an acoustic signature is out of range.

For example, a standard part that requires four single operations now can be run in a four in one operation. This means that if we have a twelve hundred (1200) piece order that requires four operations, instead of 4800 passes to be completed using the regular grinder machines, with the RSS Grinder, it can be completed with only 1200 passes, reducing the number of passes by seventy-five percent (75%) for job completion. Therefore, the RSS Grinder will increase productivity and efficiency with its modern control and features at a precise high-speed rate.

Continuous improvement practices and increasing quality processes are vital steps to always provide a superior product to our customers. MSA stays in front by purchasing only the most modern equipment to provide the latest gains in machining technology and efficiency.