MS Aerospace has completed the final stages of testing and now has a secure data network link to the Department of Defense. This electronic connection allows for the transmission of shipping documents automatically without the need to complete cumbersome forms. Additionally it makes us part of the DoD network, effectively putting us “on-line” with Uncle Sam.
As changes to what the Government calls its Wide Area Work Flow are made, or when the network is down we will be notified automatically. This two way communication link will help us move thru what can be a bureaucratic nightmare.

This required a rigorous testing protocol that confirmed that the data transmissions were both accurate and secure. It marks an important step in the development of our Government packaging and shipping department.

In the past we relied on a vendor specializing in government shipping and even then the creation of the complicated shipping documents was done manually. This required the entering of the same data into several forms. Now data is entered once and transmitted electronically greatly speeding up the shipping process and reducing the opportunity for errors.

This is the final step in the long process of gaining approvals to ship parts directly from our facility to any of the supply depots in the world. With a supply chain that spans the globe technologies like this one are absolutely necessary. MS Aerospace can now proudly add its name to the short list of companies that can offer the US Government a total solution in the acquisition of fasteners.