Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has powered sales orders at MS Aerospace to record levels in March, 2010. In fact, Rocketdyne has become one of MS Aerospace’s most important customers in terms of order volume in 2010.

The large volume of orders is being driven for the most part by the J2X second stage rocket engine program. The J2X program has been developed by Rocketdyne to support the Ares project and the heavy lift program (Ares V). These programs are part of the larger Constellation program.

The J2X engine is derived from the J2 engine which was used in the Apollo program. Development and continuation of this program, and others that MS Aerospace supports its customers’ requirements is very important to the growth of MS Aerospace. We strongly support Rocketdyne in its efforts to develop J2X in support of the Ares program.