MS Aerospace’s customer reputation and business growth depends on the quality of products and services supplied. Quality not only means supplying product that meets fit, form and function, but supplying product that looks and performs with consistency, delivering product on-time, packaged and certified as required. It means doing the required things, the right way and one time to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

To be valued in today’s market means delivering product with consistency, on–time and at a reasonable price. It means continually working to improve processes and eliminate waste. It means targeting nominal and minimizing variation so product is consistent for our internal and external customers. It means using the tools and systems provided to their fullest capability. It means a focus on prevention as opposed to detection. It means involving the minds and hands of our people to develop a better means to process product and paperwork efficiently and obtain savings. It means understanding how and why the job you just completed is “good” and knowing that you have the right to stop production and “ask” when in doubt. The products that we sell go into critical aerospace applications where lives may be at risk and our business, reputation and everyone’s livelihood hangs in the balance.

Quality means you! What you do each day contributes to the total product that is supplied and the image we portray. From the person who answers a phone to the manner in which a label is applied provides us with an opportunity for MSA to show customers that they made the right choice in selecting MS Aerospace.