Representatives visited General Electric Aviation Engines in Cincinnati, Ohio in October, 2010. At several meetings a range of GE managers and representatives visited with representatives of MSA. These meetings involved multiple areas of business between the two companies.

MSA is a very large supplier of fasteners to GE, and consequently is very serious about making sure that communications with GE, and its customer service exceeds the expectations of GE.
At these meetings forecasting was discussed among other matters, and MSA has every reason to believe that its growth of business with GE will continue in the foreseeable future.

One of the reasons that GE has grown consistently as a customer is because MSA delivers its products to GE assuring that quality is always perfect, and deliveries are on time. This sometimes is very difficult given the demand of GE and the volatility of its requirements. However, due to the relationship between the companies developed over time, the communication between the companies overcomes many challenging requirements.

MSA values its association with one of the world great companies.