As part of our strategy for continued growth, MS Aerospace has recently increased its capital investment spending in various areas. Investing in equipment and machinery is reflecting an ongoing effort to increase capacity, offer a more competitive product through increasing productivity and provide a better quality product.

In line with this strategy, two 110-ton hot forging presses have been added to our Heading department, thus providing increased capacity on a wide range of diameter and length of parts. Thanks to the efficiency of our Maintenance department, both presses should be up and running shortly.

Additionally, as dimensional requirements are more and more critical to our customers, MSA has recently acquired an automated dimensional inspection machine, which will result in faster and more precise measurements. Indeed, the machine can inspect 35 characteristics on a part in just over one minute cycle time, making the process up to ten times faster than a regular dimensional Inspection.

Along with those recent acquisitions, we are in the process of adding to our equipment list a heavy duty thread roller, which will open up new opportunities for large diameter threaded parts; five more automated CNC grinders are currently being manufactured on our behalf; and five more automated CNC robots are currently being lined up for assembly.

There is no doubt that our aggressive investment strategy will translate into increased capacity, new business opportunities and improved quality, which are at the heart of MSA goals and objectives.