In January MS Aerospace has launched its new video concerning how a fastener is made at its facility. The video is entitled: “Manufacturing Precision Aerospace Fasteners”.
The video, complete with audio sound track, shows exclusive video of MS Aerospace equipment and processes when actually making a fastener. The video is fast paced and filled with interesting sequences revealing the technology that goes into fastener manufacturing.

MSA has already released CDRs of the video to select customers, and will continue to distribute the video for marketing purposes. It is believed to be the only video of its kind, and when our customers and future customers see it, it is believed that the reason they purchase fasteners from MSA will be reinforced.
In the future, MSA may include the video on its website at

“Introducing multimedia productions about MS Aerospace is a marketing strategy we are committed to for our future”, stated Michel Szostak. President of MS Aerospace.