In early June, 2010, representatives of MS Aerospace met with several purchasing representatives of Aerojet located in Rancho Cordova, California.

The Taurus program is what MS Aerospace is supporting for Aerojet right now. This is a critical program in support of the International Space Station resupply effort. The effort is critical due to the retirement of the shuttle program. About 40 NK33 and 43 rocket engines are being rebuilt by Aerojet as a part of the Taurus program. These are old Russian engines, so Aerojet has to entirely reinvent the engines due to old technology meeting new technology.

There are other programs such as SM3 that we are also supporting, but the Taurus is the program that is really critical to them right now. Aerojet’s needs are changing all of the time due to the fact that drawings are being drafted and then modified constantly to resolve discovered issues. That is why sometimes it will take some time for us to get drawings. But then when we get the drawings, Aerojet wants the parts fast due to the pressure that is being placed on them by their customer.

Aerojet expects to require multiple expedites in the next several months until it is caught up with critical demands. Aerojet really appreciates our support, and really wants to support us in the future.