Continuing with efforts to solidify our long term relationship with existing and valuable customers, MSA is closing in on another long term supply agreement. This agreement will be with Honeywell International, Inc. While terms of the agreement are proprietary, MSA is pleased with the negotiations, and MSA is excited about going forward with Honeywell as its partner.
“Not only are we interested in new products and new customers, MSA realizes the value of customer retention and partnership with our long term customers”, stated Michel Szostak, President of MS Aerospace.

Another exciting development is the introductory order by General Electric for “hook bolts”. This order is the first of many future orders and a very robust business expected to be developed with GE. GE is a very long term and valuable customer of MSA’s, and the addition of this new part will add market share and diversity to the product lines and support given by MSA to GE.
During this period of economic contraction, it is expected that business in terms of sales orders would be down. However, at MSA, we are pleased to announce that year to date sales to one of MSA’s long term customers (ANWO Machine & Tool Co., Inc.) is currently up YTD over 500%!

Recently, ANWO issued its order for the manufacture of parts in support of Sikorsky Helicopters, and, of course, MSA is all over this order.
MSA is very proud of these developments