Our Sales and Marketing Department is always trying to gain new sales orders from our existing and new customers. One of the primary ways of gaining this business is not by achieving “customer satisfaction”. Rather, it is by trying to “delight” the customer, and exceed the expectations of the customer. This develops customer loyalty and makes our customers want to continue to do business and even grow that business.

Growing our business is what we are after, and we are achieving just that with GE and with Lockheed. These two OEM’s are two of the largest aerospace producers in the world.
Recently we were awarded a multi-year contract from GE worth over $8 Million to supply just two parts. Additionally, Lockheed has qualified MSA to participate in the Joint Strike Fighter program, which should last for decades! While Lockheed is only producing 1-1/2 JSFs per month at this time, by early 2010, Lockheed is projected to be producing up to 18 such planes per month. This is anticipated to produce significant growth for this customer with MSA as a result.

These two customers are an important part of MSA’s success, so we all need to be aware of their value and continue to strive to exceed their expectations.