As we are all aware, MSA is continually striving to improve our quality in all respects. Our efforts include voluntary programs such as Blueprint Reading and English as a Second Language. We also have many mandatory programs, and are constantly reviewing new ideas for training in many different areas, not just manufacturing. All these efforts help MSA improve the quality of our systems and processes. Many of these programs also help all of us individually. For example, it helps any employee that takes a Blueprint Reading class, because the more an employee knows about how to do things, the more value that employee brings to the workplace. Also, if employees learn how to communicate better with each other, then we can more efficiently conduct our business.

Recently, we are working on new initiatives to create a Quality Matrix to post in every departure, similar to our Training Matrix and Safety Matrix. This Quality Matrix will visually illustrate the training on Quality Programs relevant to the department that each employee has been trained in. The Matrix will show voluntary and mandatory training, so all employees can see available programs that are available.

MSA invites all employees to obtain as much training as is available in order to improve the employee standing as well as improve our Company in the process.