While MS Aerospace has a Sales Department, the Sales Department is not the only part of MSA responsible for making sales. All of the employees at MSA are responsible for making sales of our products, and each of us has a share in the success.

Customers will make orders for our parts only if we are competitive in quality, price and service. In other words, if we can deliver the parts as required, the customer will more likely be a repeat buyer. But if we cannot deliver the parts as required, then the customer would rightly look elsewhere to see if parts can be purchased from a different seller.
This is where all of us come in. We must remind ourselves that we need to always make parts that are quality parts which are delivered on time. We need to always work to reduce any issues requiring re-work because that hurts our capacity and efficiency.

By showing that effort every day, we can all contribute to the acquisition of fist time and repeat business from our customers.