MS Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of precision aerospace fasteners in the world. MSA earned its reputation on the basis of its expertise, professionalism, and its innovative technologies in the fasteners manufacturing industry.

In 2010 MSA has added four new Robotic Arms named Adam, Eve, Astro, and Apollo to its current manufacturing processes. MSA purchased the robotic arms from Fanuc Robotics America Inc. By using robotics, MSA has enhanced its quality to the next level. Currently, two robots are used for Pointing and the other two are used for Head Forming. They are the latest generation of proven design.

MSA has developed a mechanism that will line up un-machined parts from a hopper to a feed rail. The robotic arm has two sets of small fingers to grab and drop parts. While the CNC lathe is removing metal from one part, the first set of fingers grabs an un-machined part from the feed rail and gets ready to feed the part. When the cycle is done, the second set of fingers collects the machined part and drops the finished part into a tray, and the process continues.

The robotic arm does not require any kind of attention and it has a fail-safe brake mechanism so if it has a problem, it will stop working.
The robotic arm is the slimiest, lightest, fastest, and highest accuracy offered by Fanuc Robotics America Inc.

This dynamic addition to MSA is helping increase capacity without compromising quality. This is the way of the future.