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CNC Controlled Cincinnati (RSS GRINDER)

As a part of our ongoing continuous improvement, MS Aerospace is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new CNC Controlled Cincinnati Centerless Grinder (RSS Grinder), which has been installed in the Grind Department. The RSS Grinder has different features such as: auto loader system, a diamond dressing-system, and an acoustic system for dressing. Some [...]

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MSA Gains Additional DOD Shipping Approvals

MS Aerospace has completed the final stages of testing and now has a secure data network link to the Department of Defense. This electronic connection allows for the transmission of shipping documents automatically without the need to complete cumbersome forms. Additionally it makes us part of the DoD network, effectively putting us “on-line” with Uncle [...]

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Rocketdyne Powers MS Aerospace Sales

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne has powered sales orders at MS Aerospace to record levels in March, 2010. In fact, Rocketdyne has become one of MS Aerospace’s most important customers in terms of order volume in 2010. The large volume of orders is being driven for the most part by the J2X second stage rocket engine [...]

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Honeywell Approves MSA

In the continuing effort by MS Aerospace to improve all processes, and to qualify to manufacture parts for our major customers and OEMs, MS Aerospace has recently been approved by Honeywell for one of these processes. While we are approved by many OEMs for our Dry Film Lube process, we recently were separately approved also [...]

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MS Aerospace Meets With Israel Aerospace Industries

In May 2010 MS Aerospace representatives met with the chief representative of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at IAI’s offices in Jersey City, New Jersey. In the continuing effort of MS Aerospace to market its products and expand its customer base, we are particularly pleased that this new relationship with IAI is being explored. MS Aerospace [...]

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MS Aerospace Signs Agreement With Pratt & Whitney

After several months of negotiations with representatives of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for the supply of parts to support various of Pratt’s engine projects, MS Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney have signed a long term agreement. The LTA with Pratt & Whitney will allow both companies to plan for the requirements of Pratt’s engine builds, [...]

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MSA Meets With Aerojet-California

In early June, 2010, representatives of MS Aerospace met with several purchasing representatives of Aerojet located in Rancho Cordova, California. The Taurus program is what MS Aerospace is supporting for Aerojet right now. This is a critical program in support of the International Space Station resupply effort. The effort is critical due to the retirement [...]

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Sales Efforts Pay Off With New Products/Orders

Continuing with efforts to solidify our long term relationship with existing and valuable customers, MSA is closing in on another long term supply agreement. This agreement will be with Honeywell International, Inc. While terms of the agreement are proprietary, MSA is pleased with the negotiations, and MSA is excited about going forward with Honeywell as [...]

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MSA Is Awarded New Contracts By OEMS

Our Sales and Marketing Department is always trying to gain new sales orders from our existing and new customers. One of the primary ways of gaining this business is not by achieving “customer satisfaction”. Rather, it is by trying to “delight” the customer, and exceed the expectations of the customer. This develops customer loyalty and [...]

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Sales, Production & Quality Depts Gain Business For MSA

For MSA to succeed in its business it is necessary for our departments to work together as a system. What one department does will affect another department. When two or more departments work together as a team toward a goal, it is amazing what can be accomplished. For the last year or so, our Sales, [...]

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